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Skylines, overhead or over-the-street decorations - no matter what you call them, ARA Electronic can make it! Garland, lights, wreaths and more combine to create exciting and colorful displays that will add eye-popping hollyday cheer to your city. Si Ovisno o širini i dužini ulice, projektiramo svjetleće komplete koji premoštavaju ulicu. Considering that in production we use aluminum profiles, our decorations are very light-weight and it is possible to create large-scale decorations. How much will a street act richly decorated depends on the amount of decorations placed along the street in the, paying attention to the distance between, so that each ornament is being expressed.

Zagreb Jurisiceva licitari 1 -.JPGPadova - Porta Altinate 11.jpgPula 1988 .JPGZagreb Jurisiceva stabla.JPGPadova - Ponte Molino 1.jpgPula kruzni tok 2007.JPGZagreb - Bogoviceva.jpgPadova - Ponte Molino.JPGPadova - Ponte Corvo 2.JPGZagreb Ilica 1997 Super zvijezda.jpgPula kruzni tok 1.JPGZagreb  Ilica 2006 5.JPGZagreb Preobrazenska 1997.JPGPorec - Zagrebacka.JPGPula Laginjina 1.JPGZagreb JurisicevaIlica 2006 2.JPGZagreb Jurisiceva  2006 1.JPGPadova - Porta Portelo 2.jpgZagreb - Miskecov prolaz.JPGZagreb Jurisiceva  2006 detalj lustera.JPGPula kristalni bor.JPGPadova - Porta Savonarola.JPGZagreb Maserikova.JPGPadova - Ponte Corvo .JPGZagreb Jurisiceva licitari dnevno.JPGZagreb Teslina ulica .JPGPadova - Porta Altinate 3.jpgPadova - Porta Altinate.jpgZagreb Ilica liscitari 2005.JPGZagreb Jurisiceva 2006 kristalni  lustera.JPGPadova - Bastione Castelnuovo.jpgZagreb Bogoviceva licitari 1.JPGPadova - Porta Altinate 1.JPGZagreb Bogoviceva licitari.jpgPadova - Porta Portelo 1.jpgZagreb Ilica   2006.JPGPula - obala.JPGZagreb Gajeva stabla .JPGPadova - Porta Portelo 3.JPGPadova - Biblioteca.jpg

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In more than 5 years of making business with Ara Electronic, we are more than satisfied with quality of their products and services. Ara Electronic team showed as profesionals in their business, providing customer satisfaction with regard to our specific needs and, most importantly, respect for deadlines.

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