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LED video screens to display video images in large format in day or night conditions. We offer two models display P14 and P16 for various applications, such as sporting events, music concerts, promotions ..

LED Ekran HQ P10 Pula Film Festival 1.jpgLED Ekran HQ P10 Pula Film Festival 2.jpgLED Ekran HQ P10 Pula Film Festival 3.jpgLED mreza P10 Ana Oxa - Rovinj2.jpgEuro 2012 - LED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m.jpgINFO sajam - Zagreb LED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m.jpgLMC - Vodnjan.jpgLED mreza P10 Ana Oxa - Rovinj.jpgLED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m2.jpgLED ekran P10  2x1,5m.jpegLED displej P6 3,8x2,5m.JPGINFO sajam - Zagreb1.jpgINFO sajam - Zagreb2.jpgLED ekran P16  4x3m  3.jpgLED ekran P16  4x3m.JPGLED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m- Rockwool.jpgLED mrea P10 Ana Oxa - Rovinj1.jpgLED Baner Rijeka 27m x 0,72m.jpgLED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m3.JPGCarl Cox - Monvi LED ekran P16  12x3m - Rovinj.JPGLED ekran P14  3,6x2,7m1.jpgLED Baner Rijeka.jpgCarl Cox - Rovinj - LED ekran P16  12x3m .jpgLED ekran P16  7x4m.jpg

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